Journal 9

The pueblo was in terrible ruins. Homes had broken windows and crumbling walls. I only hoped no zombies would attack us since there were no good places to hide or seek shelter from them. Even with all my training I could feel my throat closing up and my mouth begin to run dry. The actual fear of the situation was finally getting to me and I could only focus on the rapid beating of my heart. I felt Josh touch my shoulder and I looked up into his eyes. His eyes stared into mine telling me it would be okay. I felt the fear start to slip away and leave my body. Suddenly I saw a reflection of light behind him. A young boy in the top level of a red barn was flashing his flash light rapidly at us trying to gain our attention as he used his arms to wave at us to come to his location. Nacho went first to make sure the path to the barn wasn’t infested by zombies. After being signaled an okay, Josh and I ran into the barn. The young boy put a finger up to his lip signaling us to keep quiet and began to tap the floor with his foot signaling some type of knocking code. The floor opened up and quickly swallowed us. I banged my head against the hard floor and felt my vision fade into black. I could smell food. Smelled like hot bread and cheese? Whoa was that pizza? I hadn’t had a single slice of pizza since the zombie apocalypse had happened. Mostly you looked for canned food because well pizza makers turned zombies didn’t really understand, “Hey can you make me a slice with everything?” anymore. I opened my eyes and couldn’t believe what I saw. It was an underground village full of people interacting as if nothing was occurring outside. I tried to sit up from the cot and suddenly felt the room spin. Josh laid me back down. “Here eat this pizza. It will make you feel better and relax. We are safe. I had heard stories of an underground army base of hunters but thought it was impossible due to the zombie increase!” I felt so relieved to have a break from the chaos of outside. But before I could get too comfortable a man barged in with soldiers who pointed guns at us. “She’s the one! The one with the power to end this,” shouted the mystery man. He began to unleash some secrets…….

Journal 8

Everyone has a different process for craft. Craft is creating an emotion, thought or expression through words which tells the readers of the finished craft what the creator is trying to tell them. The way you craft your writing is the way your style engages a reader to do an action or produce a thought from your writing. All craft is unique and your craft gives your writing a personal touch of yourself.

In Testing Times in Toxicology, Tettamanti states, “To promote this human science of non-animal testing is to be able to understand that this is a science that needs to be promoted and practiced, not just for ethical reasons but in that it gives a three-fold advantage of being precise, predictive, and pain-free.” This is a well crafted sentence because it gives good reasoning to look at this issue with different angles and clearly states his opinion in a fluid way in which anyone would be able to understand. Another well crafted sentence comes from Gregory Mone when he writes, “I think the train has left the station, in vitro and n silico testing will play a much larger part in how we assess chemicals in the future.” The point of the sentence is clear and using the train allows a visual idea to form to hook the reader in.

In my writing a sentence I feel shows my crafts,” We have the power to start a pain and guilt free movement in the cosmetic industry.” It is a sentence which inspires and creates a reader to question what they should do with the power they are capable of. Now when I write I will make sure to engage my readers and add more descriptive words.

Journal 7

The alcohol advertisement targets women who drink excessive alcohol and the logic used to get women to stop drinking is if a woman excessively drinks, she will wear down her physical attributes making her look like a man. They even state this under the picture in the smallest font. If they want to prevent themselves from looking like a man they need to stop drinking the amount of alcohol that a man would be considered to drink.

In society the way a woman looks is always being criticized or changed in order to fit the current standard in which beauty is defined. It uses emotional appeals by shocking their audience and causing women to worry about the possible effects that can occur to a woman. The image is really dramatized by the amount of makeup as well as the masculinity of the face so it grabs the attention of the reader. Women don’t want to seem unattractive or worn out so they will lessen their drinking to prevent aging or looking like a man.

The Drug and Alcohol Service for London provide their logo and a number to prove they’re a credible organization. They also state the effects of excessive alcohol consumption to show they have done their research and can support their argument.

Overall I feel the ad is threatening women with unattractiveness to stop drinking. I feel that is making a generalized statement that women are so vain that this is the only way to stop them. This in result would make me disregard the advertisement.

Journal 6

In Testing Times in Toxicology –  In Vitro vs In Vivo Testing, researchers Shiranee Pereira and Massimo Tettamanti argue in this article that testing in toxicology should be changed and upgraded to a more precise method besides the usual animal testing. They feel that the biology of animals is too different compared to us to give us the most accurate results. There are many alternative methods that exist today which can provide certain things that animal testing cant. Many programs have been created which use these methods or are fully developing the method in order for it to go through as accurate and safe. This appeals to your logic because he makes you think that of course whatever method is better for the human population is the better option. We see this when the article states, “This convergence  of factors, coupled with the need to evaluate the safety of an increasingly large number of chemicals and  their mixtures, has prompted a call for a fundamental paradigm shift in toxicology testing.” Safety is important so testing has to improve.Emotional appeals are used to make you sympathize with the argument of the writer. An example from Testing Times in Toxicology is when you read,”honor the Great Mahatma, who said, “I abhor vivisection with my whole soul. All  the scientific discoveries stained with innocent blood I count as of no consequence.” He uses the word innocent to make you feel bad for the helpless animals who get killed for research. The authors make themselves credible by stating strong sources showing they have gone looking for detailed evidence. For example they talk about a U.S. government program called Toxcast and describe it as, “ToxCast uses advanced science tools to help understand how human body processes are affected by exposure to chemicals, and it helps determine which exposures are most likely to lead to adverse health effects….includes more than 650 state-of-the-art rapid tests (called high-throughput assays) that can screen more than 2,000 environmental chemicals for potential toxicity.” This shows they know how to back their argument up with credible evidence. They also reference their jobs as scientists through out the paper.

Journal 5

Rhetoric is a way of producing and understanding communication by writing a piece of text which states persuasion but in an indirect sense. You have to read and find the cases which use persuasion or manipulation of words to imply a specific position. Logos is when the writer makes an appeal to your logic such as through evidence. Pathos is when the writer uses emotional appeal to get the reader to feel a certain way about the issue. Ethos is the appeal to the writer’s ethics to make the reader trust the credibility of the writer. They are all related because together they make an argument stronger. They show the reader that you know how to back up your argument with strong support so you must be credible. This will make the reader pay better attention to your argument. I have used some rhetoric in my writing and logos has been the most common one. I will use more of all three in order to capture the attention of my audience so that they listen and absorb all the new information i share with them.

In Silko’s essay we see pathos when she writes, “The mood got uglier, the officers seemed outraged that the dog couldn’t find any contraband, and they dragged her over to us and commanded her to sniff our legs and feet.” She uses uglier, outraged, and dragged to make you sympathetic of the dog and to show how terrible the patrol must have been. We also see her use ethos when she writes, “Back in Washington, the INS announces a $300 million computer contract to modernize its record- keeping and Congress passes a crime bill that shunts…$181 million earmarked for Border Control.” She demonstrates her knowledge and increases her credibility to readers.

Journal 4

Collaboration allows writers to get a second perspective on what they’ve written. Whenever we write something it may sound good in our head due to the bias towards ourselves but others can see what could be done to improve your writing. An idea or argument may seem clear when you write it out but that can be incorrect sometimes. We may write it out with the thought that the readers already know what we are talking about but in actuality we have to completely inform them in order for our argument to be valid. We also need clear and strong support to back up our argument. As stated in Good Reasons readers want, “one good reason that makes your claim worth taking seriously.”(25) Another person can offer tips and make your paper even better.
I have the habit of writing as in the reader will completely understand my ideas and the way I present information but I have also confused readers so I always have a peer tell me what needs to be clarified. One important thing I’ve been taught by teachers about feedback is to try not taking the feedback personally. No one likes to be told their mistakes but in writing this is a good thing and will make you a better writer. I also learned that sometimes it’s better to get feedback from those you aren’t close friends with because they don’t mind pointing out what can be improved while friends will sugarcoat or not tell you about everything that can be improved.

Journal 3

  1. From the library visit one of the most important things I learned was the use of “and” and “or” in the search database you use. It narrows down your results and provides better resources for your research. I also found out the library has 300 databases which are really helpful when writing a research paper. Using the databases I found a bill that was introduced this year hoping to ban animal testing in cosmetics. In order to be a good researcher you must have patience to look through the credibility of the source and to see if the information presented is good enough for your paper.
  2. Source quality is important because the information you use in your paper has to be credible in order for the audience to believe what is being stated. The difference between an academic and non-academic source is the credibility as well as audience. An academic source will have professionals of the field of authors with expertise research so it will be in detail. A non-academic source is a popular source with vague information from a journalist who is trying to entertain the general public. Since the academic source comes from professionals the credibility is stronger than a non-academic source.

Research ethics means collecting research without claiming credit from other’s ideas and this is important because plagiarizing is stealing. According to Good Reasons one of the surprising ways to plagiarize was patch plagiarism in which students, “grab anything, paste it in a file and submit it as their own work.”(249) Another way that you can plagiarize is by buying a paper online or copying someone’s work. However this has its downfall because it’s, “easy for instructors to spot because they recognize shifts in style.” In Good Reasons one research ethic tip reported was, “check that you site the sources for each quotation.”( 255)Sometimes people don’t cite everything and accidently plagiarize over a simple mistake. Good Reasons also claims that you need to make an outline so you can, “decide what your major points will be and how those points support your thesis.” (248) This will organize your paper and make it more professional.

Journal 2

Critical Thinking is defined in the dictionary as the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment. This is taught in college because in order to create and understand college level work, students have to use their critical thinking to make good arguments and judgments. Critical thinking isn’t just important in class but also in real life. We are judged on our thoughts every day and we have to make judgments on other’s definitions or presented arguments as well. In order to improve my critical thinking skills I plan to ask more questions and investigate what I am reading. Plus as I read I will not skim the words so I can finish quicker. Instead I will read all of it patiently and allow the information to sink in.

My personal definition of critical thinking is the ability to find deeper meaning and a better understanding of the information presented to you in order to form ideas or judgments that are strongly supported. As I stated before critical thinking is very important in real life situations because you will face people who will throw their judgments at your face all the time. This summer I was working at my parent’s market and I heard a older man telling my father that girls who go to college just sleep around. I started quickly analyzing in my mind what I wanted to tell this man. I went up to him and told him I was a university student and that his stereotype was not true for all girls. After I told him about famous women who went to college and shared all the opportunities I had taken advantage of he apologized to me. He even told my dad good job for raising a daughter who didn’t take anything from anyone. Having good critical thinking helps you be a quick smarter person and can help you make people reevaluate their judgments at any time neccessary. 

Journal 1

A.   Hello my name is Daisy Mendez. I am currently a sophomore majoring in political science at the university because I aspire to be a lawyer or work in public service. I want to help others receive what they feel they deserve, whether that is fair treatment or a right to have certain opportunities. Due to that future goal I also reside on the executive board for Merced Pre Law Society. Another organization I am involved in is the sorority Delta Gamma whose philanthropy is Service for Sight. We help raise funds to help those who are blind. Many people say I am about helping the communities around me and that is very true. I have always believed that by helping others you can make others reach out as well creating a better place with happier people.

B 1. Growing up my family had no electronics since they believed such things lowered one’s knowledge. As a result books were a big part of my life. I love reading but I prefer fiction over all other genres. Reading was personally really important to me because it allowed me to have a bigger imagination and open perspective to new ideas. My reading speed is also really high which helps a lot today in college classes.In all reading helps acquire a higher vocabulary and understanding of words

B2. Writing has been one of my greater strengths but I do have problems with research papers. I always need help with citation before I turn in my work. I have enjoyed all my writing classes except for last semester due to a teacher who was absent constantly. That class has put me on edge about my ability but I still enjoy to write. For my writing process I quickly write out all my thoughts and go back after to fill in between. I tend to reword alot until I find myself content with a sentence. I do have terrible procrastination but to help myself I put mini writing goals in reach each day so it doesn’t seem as huge of an assignment.